Saturday, March 2, 2013


Wangjinas are the rain and thunder spirits of the Mowanjum tribes in Australia. Below are 18 images I sketched of my own design within the life size hand print of my friend, Rob. I believe very strongly in the existence of the Wangjina. With this tattoo both the Wangjinas are with me always as is Rob.
I contacted an aboriginal artist regarding my posting these images to my site but had no response. This was a long time ago. 
It is my most meaningful and important tattoo.


What can I say. I love Spiderman and always have.

All my tattoos are uncoloured. The above has been filled in with pen ink.

Spiderman on my left shin.

Long video. 5:30 Minutes.

Short Video of the final touches being applied. 
1:04 Minutes.

Half way through being inked for Spiderman on my neck some bleeding and swelling occurred. The above is a photo of the bruising a day after.

 Considering the elasticity of my neck skin I am very pleased with how the tattoo has settled a year on.

Soon after, Jason, my tattooist, commenced the inking this tatt a lot of swelling and bleeding started nearly straight away making it very difficult for him to see what he was doing. The other neck tattoo did not bleed and swell like this one so we had no idea this would happen. I literally had to stretch the skin on my neck with my hands so he could finish. It was rough for both of us and no way would I ask Jason or any tattooist to subject themselves to try tattoo ing my neck again.


Some bleeding out of the ink but I expected a lot worse. So happy with results.


Leg of Bumble Bee couple days after being inked showing sorbolene cream to keep the forming scabs moist and reducing the risk of cracking and scarring.

Dried scabs. Careful not to scratch or rub them off. Still apply moisturising cream until all the scabs had fallen off.
During the first week of the tattoo I'd run my leg under very hot water, careful not to scald myself. I had no problems with infection.

A year on.
Carefully placing eight Snoopy drawings on left arm working out their locations.


I was brought up with Snoopy. And with the love of dogs I decided to have several images of different poses inked. Like my other tatts I chose not to fill in areas such as the ears, nose and patch on Snoopy's back.